Spring Information

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LJSC Spring Soccer Season – 2018 U6 through U14 age groups

Season Description The spring soccer season is intended to provide a fun, low pressure soccer experience for those who prefer to play soccer rather than other sports in the spring. Boys, girls, and coed teams may compete.  All U6 thru U14 recreational players registered with a BYSA member club during the fall 2017 season are eligible to play as well as new players for the Spring season.  Registering for Spring soccer makes you a member of LJSC; therefore all coaches/players/parents will abide by all LJSC Constitution, By-laws and guidelines along with all City of Lake Jackson regulations.  Failure to comply with LJSC rules and/or City of Lake Jackson regulations will result in disciplinary action including suspension and/or removal from LJSC.  LJSC reserves the right to refuse any team/coach/player from registering and taking part in spring soccer as it sees fit.

A child who did not play soccer in Fall 2017 may play; however, there is an additional individual registration cost over the spring soccer, fees which is used to pay for STYSA insurance fees).

All players must register on-line for the spring season.  Coaches must also register on-line and submit a prospective roster to participate in the spring season; however, individual players are still required to register.  We will also open registration up to individual players and assign them to teams provided we have enough coaches to form teams.   

The coaches shall submit their prospective roster to ljsc.spring@yahoo.com.  If your roster is not completely full, LJSC reserves the right to add players to your roster until it is full.  It is important to note that LJSC will not allow the use of GUEST PLAYER from other clubs or teams not registered to play in LJSC Spring 2018 soccer season for any reason.

Age Groups Age groups may be combined as LJSC deems necessary.
U-9+ Division All teams, U-9 and up, play using fall soccer rules.

There will be no official team standings. There will not be any awards. The Spring season is to help players keep their skills up and for kids to have fun. The winning team should enter the score of the games per normal procedure.

A Division II bracket will be formed if enough teams show interest.  The Club reserves the right to fully refund these teams their registration if enough teams do not register.  Div. II players are allowed on a limited basis (see Team Roster Section below) for Div III / IV teams.

U-8 Division A U-8 division will be formed provided there is enough player interest and available coaches.  These games will be played with regular U-7/8 rules with the inclusion of lopsided games (see lopsided games page 5)
U-6 Division A U-6 division will be formed provided there is enough player interest and available coaches.  These games will be played with regular U-6 rules.
Season Calendar There will be 7 play dates for the Spring season.  There is two rainout dates if necessary.  LJSC will not reschedule more than 2 games for the spring season that were canceled due to rainouts.

December 14                Coach’s Registration Opens

December 14              Player’s Registration Opens

January 19                  Coach’s Registration Deadline

                                   (rosters and practice field request also due)

January 19                  Player’s Registration Deadline

February 17                Coach’s Meeting  (Coaches must attend)
8:00 – 9:00 am at Maclean Soccer Pavilion

February 17                Field Preparation Work
9:00 – 11:00am

February 24                First Weekend of Play

March 3                Second Weekend of Play

March 10 and 17        Spring Break (no games)

March 24                      Third Weekend of Play

March 31                    Forth Weekend of Play

April 7                    Easter Break (no games)

April 14                        Fifth Weekend of Play

April 21                      Sixth Weekend of Play

April 28                      Seventh Weekend of Play

May5                         First Rainout Date

May 19                       Recreational Assessments for Fall 2018 Season


` Game schedules will be created using GotSoccer and a link will be posted on the Lake Jackson Club’s web site:  http://www.ljsoccer.org.  Teams will be scheduled to play seven (7) games with no double headers.
Reschedule Process Lake Jackson Soccer Club will only make schedule changes in the case of extreme conflicts.  For example, if one player is not available or a coach is out of town, we will not change the schedule unless no other coach is available.  In the rare instance, there is an unavoidable conflict; the opposing coach should be contacted to discuss rescheduling the game.  At that point, both coaches should check the schedule for both girls and boys and make sure there is a field available on a mutually acceptable day and time.  In other words, the two coaches must agree upon a mutually acceptable day, time and field to reschedule the game before sending a request to the Age Group Manager.  At that point, a request should be sent to the age group manager with the new time, date, and reason for reschedule and both coaches must be copied on the request sent to the Age Group Manager.

If the age group manager agrees with the request, it will be forwarded to a committee made up of Board Members (Scheduler, Vice-President, and Referee Assigner) who will make the final decision if the game will be rescheduled. Games will not be rescheduled if the request is received less than 4 days from the respective play date. If approved, the game will be modified in the system and notification sent by the age group manager to the affected coaches for the communication to the respective teams.

Also, please keep in mind that the entire schedule is set up to help with accommodating referee availability.  You may see fields open for play at better times of the day, but referee scheduling is also factored into scheduling.

Games U-9 and up will play using normal rules.

U-6 and U-8 will play using normal rules.

Expected Fields §  U13/14 games will be played primarily on M1 and M2.

§  U11/12 games will be played primarily on M3 and M8E/W

§  U-9/10 games will be played at the McLean Fields M4, M5, M6, M7.

§  U-8 games will be played at the Hospital Fields (H23, 24, 25, and 26).

§  U-6 games will be played at the Hopsital Fields (H22a – H22f)


Player Cards and “Kid Safe” Passes All players must be registered with BYSA / STYSA and have a valid STYSA player card or other proof of STYSA registration.

Coaches must have a coaching license and a valid “kid safe” Adult Participation card

 New Player Registration If a player is not currently registered with a BYSA club, an original or certified copy (with raised seal) of their birth certificate must be presented, in person, to an LJSC registrar.
Cost Players not registered to a BYSA Club for the Fall 2017 season will be charged an additional fee to cover BYSA and STYSA Registration Costs (Insurance, etc.)




Late Fee:  Note there will be a $30 per player late fee for players registered after the deadline.


Players will be rostered to teams per the following priority based on team availability.


1.     Players listed on a coaches submitted roster and registered with LJSC both by deadline

2.     Players date of registration


Registration Deadline The Registration deadline is:    January 19, 2018
Contacts Primary Contacts

Spring Coordinator – Miranda Corn ljsc.spring@yahoo.com

U-6 Spring Coordinator – David Gonzales daveghome@msn.com

Email all team rosters toljsc.spring@yahoo.com



LJSC Spring Soccer Rules of the Game


Introduction All Fall soccer rules will apply except as modified below. Please become familiar with the rules of the game.

Rules regarding Div. II players on non-Div II teams:

§  May not have more than three Div. II boys or girls.

§  All Div. II boy players must be U-14 and younger.

§  All Div. II girl players must be U-14 and younger.

Rules regarding Div. I players.

Div. I players may NOT participate on non-Div II teams.

U-6 If enough U-5/6 players sign-up to form a league, they will play 4v4 with the same rules as Fall Soccer.
U-7/8 If enough U-7/8 players sign-up to form a league, they will play 4v4 with the same rules as Fall Soccer.


At the U7/U8 level there are no goalies.  No goalies means that during normal play no defensive player may be inside the goal box.  When a defensive player is being attacked or during corner kicks, defensive players may enter the goal box.  At no time should a defensive player stand directly between the goal posts to block the goal.  The referee should stop the game and direct the players to follow this rule if it is violated.  A penalty kick may be awarded at the discretion of the referee if a defensive player violated this rule which lead to a defensive advantage.

U-9/10 The recommended roster size is twelve (12) players. 

A player may only be on ONE team’s roster.

Teams will play 7 v 7, including the goalkeeper, on fields (LJM-4, 5, 6, 7).

A team must have at least five (5) players to start play and they must be ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.

U-11/12 The recommended roster size is sixteen (16).

A player may only be on ONE team’s roster.

Teams will play 9 v 9, including the goalkeeper, on fields M3, M8E, M8W.

A team must have at least six (6) players to start play and they must be ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.

U-13/14 The recommended roster size is eighteen (18). 

A player may only be on ONE team’s roster.

Teams will play 11 v 11, including the goalkeeper, on fields M1 and M2

A team must have at least seven (7) players to start play and they must be ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.

Lopsided Games (U-7/8 and U-9 +) §  A team may add another player for every two goals down, but it is not required.

Example:  U9/10 bracket where both teams started with 7 aside:

–       Team down 2 to 3 goals may add 1 player.

–       Team down 4 to 5 goals may add a second player.

–       Team down 6-7 goals may add a third player.

§  Maximum players from one team on the field is nine (9).

§  For U11/12 and U13/14 teams that are ahead they may chose to remove player(s) but are not required to do so. Adding players as above is not allowed at this age.

§  As the goal differential drops due to added players, additional players should be removed accordingly. If a team choose to remove players they can add them back as the differential drops.

§  All adding and removing of players MUST be done with referee approval ONLY when the referee allows.


Field All teams will play on be normal size fields for the age group.  The field will be marked with Penalty Box, Goal Box, Touch Lines, End Lines, Center Line and Circle, and penalty kick spot.


U-6+ Rules and Game Details All games will be played with normal fall time: U6 4 – 8 minute quarters and U7 4-8 minute quarters with 5 minute break between each.  U8 3 – 15 min periods with 5 minute breaks.  U9/10 two 25 minute halves with 10 minute half. U11/12 two 30 minute halves with 10 minute half. U13/14 two 35 minute halves with 15 min half. The clock starts when the game is supposed to start, whether or not the teams are on the field and ready to play.

Home team: Picks the goal they want to attack in the first half.

Visitors:  Kick off to start the game.

Uniforms The Home team is expected to look substantially different from the Visiting team.
Game Ball A regulation Size game ball shall be provided by the Home team.
Ball Placement for Direct and Indirect Kicks The ball is placed in accordance with FIFA laws of the game.
Penalty Kicks Penalty kicks are taken from penalty spot with only the goalie to defend.  All other players shall be outside the penalty box.
Goal Kicks Goal kicks are direct kicks and are taken from anywhere along the goal box.
Throw Ins FIFA Throw-in Rule Applies.
 Offside Rule FIFA Offside rule applies.
Goal Keepers Goalkeeper may only use hands inside the penalty box.  Goal keeper may put ball back into play by roll-in, throw-in, or punts.  Goal keepers outside the penalty box may play like any other player.
Substitutions Substitutions can only occur: By Either team after a goal is scored and on any goal kicks. On your throw unless the other team makes a substitution then you can also. For an injured player.

Penalties & Fouls

Yellow Cards


Yellow cards will be given according to normal FIFA rules, plus the situations described above which are unique to the rules of LJSC spring play.
Red Cards

(Send Off)

Should a player commit a foul and be shown a red card (send off) or his second yellow for the game (equivalent to red card), the player must leave the field immediately and his team plays short for the rest of the game.

Players receiving a red card are required to serve a one game suspension.  This must be served during their next game.

Other Penalties and Fouls In accordance with FIFA rules.