2020 Spring Season Notice

A Statement on behalf of the Lake Jackson Soccer Club (LJSC) Board

As was previously announced, Brazosport Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) officially cancelled the rest of the Spring 2020 recreational soccer season. The LJSC Board has held several meetings (web conferences) over the last few months to discuss how we will handle the unexpected situation we are all facing.

After listening to the community and reviewing the club finances, the board decided to offer the following options for those registered to play Spring soccer in Lake Jackson.

Option 1 – Receive a discount voucher for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 registration. Voucher will include 50% of what was paid for the Spring 2020 season.

Option 2 – Waive the voucher and donate the unused portion of registration to the club.

Complete form at the following Google Form link
Deadline to receive voucher is May 31,2020.


How do I request my voucher?  Follow the link to the google form. Complete it one time for each child that was registered. The form allows you to select either option. Any forms not received by the deadline of May 31,2020, will be defaulted to donate the funds to the club. 

Complete the Google Form here.  

Why am I only getting 50%?  Even though the season was cut short, 90% of the registration money collected either has been or will be spent by the club. Many items like field equipment and the cost of registration have been spent. Ongoing costs such as field maintenance have been renegotiated to save money, but still must occur (at a reduced level). Our parent organizations (STYSA/HYSA/BYSA) intend to bill us the full amount for their portion of fees. When all is added up, less than 10% per player is left.

How can the club afford to give 50% credit if less than 10% is left?  The board has decided to dip into savings to raise the amount we can offer to those that need it. This is the savings we typically put toward scholarships, fields, equipment, maintenance, etc.  We are hopeful that those who can afford to donate their funds will choose that option so that the club may continue to provide the same level of support in the upcoming seasons.

Why not a refund instead of a voucher?  Cash refunds are more complex to issue for board members and could present additional cost in the form of credit card fees and fees to use our payment software. Refunding money would also cause the club to incur a significant financial hit right away and would certainly affect registration fees in upcoming seasons. Our ability to raise the vouchers amount to 50% was largely due to spreading the impact over several seasons.

Why isn’t LJSC offering the same as XXXX organization?  Every youth sports organization has a different set of factors that affect their budgets. Our board has reached out to many other youth soccer clubs in the area and other youth sports groups. This decision was a careful balance between helping our community at a time of need and preventing a significant increase in future league fees.