Field Marshal

Click here for the BYSA Field Marshal Policy

Coaches and Parents:

How would you like to earn $25 every weekend?  

Lake Jackson Soccer Club is looking for experienced soccer coaches, past coaches, parents, etc. that would be interested in helping with our HYSA Field Marshal Program.  

HYSA and BYSA require the home team to provide a Field Marshal for every HYSA game played.  The purpose of a Field Marshal is to assist referees in ensuring that players, coaches, and parents good conduct is maintained at all times.  The Field Marshal is there to assist the referee(s) and to provide mediation concerning any on the field or surrounding vicinity issues.  

This Fall LJSC will pay individuals $25/game to field marshal a HYSA game played in Lake Jackson.  You must meet the following requirements:  (1) Must be an adult (18 or older), (2) Cannot be relatives or part of the rostered coaching team directly involved with the game in question, (3) Must pass a STYSA approved kidsafe background check, and (4) Have a good understanding of the rules of soccer.   

If interested please contact Dustee Futschik at