LJSC Spring Soccer Coaches Information and Team Formation Process


2018 Spring Team Registration Form



Coach Requirements Coaches wishing to be assigned to Spring Soccer teams will be required to follow STYSA rule 3.1.16.   They will also need to have a valid “Kid Safe” card with picture and signed.
STYSA Rule 3.1.16: Registered Coach, states that “an individual wishing to coach must successfully complete an age appropriate module license course (Under 6/8; Under 10/12; F license) the appropriate license level course (E or D) or receive approval from the STYSA Director of Coaching for equivalent licensure…within one year after the date the individual begins to coach. Only registered, eligible coaches are allowed to participate in STYSA sanctioned events.”
Team Roster The recommended roster size is defined in the Spring Soccer Season Description Document. 

A player can only be on ONE team’s roster, but can be a guest player on another team that is short of players. The coach using a guest player must provide a copy of the roster that player is on and provide player card. The guest player must be from another current Spring recreational soccer team, must be the same age group or may play up one age group. A guest player may not play down to an age group.

Rules regarding Div. II players on non-Div II teams:

§  May not have more than four Div. II boys or girls.

§  All Div. II boy players must be U-14 and younger.

§  All Div. II girl players must be U-14 and younger.

Rules regarding Div. I players.

§  Div. I players may NOT participate on non-Div II teams.

Team Formation Teams will be formed primarily from Fall 2017 Rosters.  However, we understand that not all players from the fall season participate in the spring season.  For this reason coaches are allowed to request additional players be added to their roster.


Use the attached form to list the players who intend to participate on your team for the Spring Season.  In addition, since registration has been opened for individual players, we will be working with coaches / teams to place as many players as possible.


We will try to accommodate requests from both coaches and individual players regarding team placement.  However, we reserve the right to adjust the teams to obtain better competitive balance.

Uniforms The Home team is expected to look substantially different from the visiting team. Each team should have a set of alternate jerseys or scrimmage vests to use, if needed. Always bring extra jerseys and scrimmage vests in case you need to borrow some players from another team. Don’t worry about uniform numbers.
Contacts / Spring Coordinators Primary Contacts

Spring Coordinator – Miranda Corn ljsc.spring@yahoo.com

U-6 Spring Coordinator – David Gonzales daveghome@msn.com

 Email all team rosters toljsc.spring@yahoo.com