Age Groups U-8 and Younger

There is no skill assessment for age groups U-8 and younger. Those players are assigned to teams based on the elementary school they attend (or would attend if they were old enough.)

Age Groups U-9 and Older

For questions about a particular skill assessment, contact the Division Manager for that age group and gender.
Skill assessment is not necessary for 9 year olds (U-10) who played last year in Lake Jackson and desire to stay on the same team. Please call your coach from last year to make sure the team still exists!
New registrations will be taken at the skill assessment.

Be sure to bring the child’s birth certificate and your checkbook.

See the Field Maps for field locations. All Players must sign in prior to the assessment.

Boys Note: U9 player assessments may take an additional 30 minutes due to number of players having to be evaluated.