FAQS – Existing LJSC Referees

  • Where can I get a current copy of the Laws of the Game?
    Print copies are no longer mailed to referees.  I have a print copy in the binders at the ref stations (with the game cards).  Link to the online version–!/laws
  • How much does a referee for LJSC get paid?
    • Effective 2016:
U7 $          25 N/A
U8 $          25 N/A
U9 $          30 $          15
U10 $          30 $          15
U11 $          35 $          20
U12 $          35 $          20
U13 $          40 $          20
U14 & up $          40 $          20
  • When will I be paid?
    • LJSC recreational games worked Monday through Sunday will be paid by check on the following Saturday. Generally this means that if you work a game on Saturday, you will be paid at the following Saturday’s games. Example: September 10 games will be paid on September 17.
    • If you worked a make-up game during the week (Monday through Friday), those payments would be paid on the 2nd Saturday following your work.
    • If you are not at the field to collect your check, I will mail it to your home address.
  • How do I use GotSoccer to accept games?
    A few general pointers:
  1. Use the following link to sign up for the LJSC Spring or Fall season.
  2. Make sure the LJSC Ref Assignor is an approved assignor on your accounts (under the assignors tab). It is a good idea to also add any BYSA assignors that might be in the area, if you’re interested.
  3. Set your team affiliations (teams your siblings are on or that your parents coach) Home > Availability > Affiliations
  4. Set your availability by Monday afternoon (for Saturday’s games).
    There is a drop down under the availability tab where you can choose between “Available except where noted” or “Unavailable except where noted”
  5. You will receive an email each week with your assignments.  Please accept or reject any assignments within 24 hours.
  • When / how do I get recertified?
    • Generally you will need to get recertified at the end of each calendar year. For example:
    • Initial certification (new referee certification) in Spring – you will need to be recertified at the end of the year to officiate next season’s games.
    • Initial certification (new referee certification) in Fall – you will be certified through the end of next calendar year season.  You will need to take a recertification course at the end of the following year to officiate future games.
    • Recertification is now offered online –
    •   You can recertify for for the following season if your certification has not lapsed by more than 3 years by taking a recertification course.

FAQs – Future LJSC Referees

  • How do I become a Referee?
    • You must complete a grade 8 entry level clinic.  Please visit for full details and course availability.
  • How much does it cost to become a referee?
    • The course fee is $80.  You will also be required to purchase a referee starter kit that will cost approximately $60.
    • A new referee who completes the new referee certification course after July 21, 2016 will be reimbursed the cost of the certification after he/she has officiated four games in Lake Jackson. The games may either be recreational or competitive games for LJSC or BYSA.
    • A new referee who completes the new referee certification course after July 21, 2016 will be provided a uniform if he/she commits to officiate four games in Lake Jackson (either recreational or competitive games for LJSC or BYSA).
  • My registration has lapsed.  What do I need to do to get recertified?
    • If the lapse is 3 or 4 years, you must take the entry course to be recertified.  If you take the entry course between 7/1 and 12/31, your registration will be effective January 1 of the next year.  You will not be eligible to referee for the remainder of the current year. 
    • If the lapse is 5 or more years, you will be considered a new referee.  You must take the entry course.  You will be eligible to referee on completion of the course, even if you take the course between 7/1 and 12/31.