Spring 2022 U8 – U12 Bysa Schedule – This link has the official times/locations for all games and is the ONLY place that stays completely up-to-date with changes.

Spring Soccer is here! Visit the links above for the most up-to-date and official 2021 Spring schedule.

Need to Reschedule a BYSA game?

Here is what the BYSA Rules and Procedures say:

6.1. Cancellation and/or Postponement of Scheduled Games

  1. Game changes must be made at least 4 days prior to scheduled game.
  2. Procedure for game changes:
    1. Coach requesting game change shall contact opposing coach to agree upon a schedule change.
    2. Coaches will notify the appropriate age group coordinator of requested change.
    3. Once all is agreed upon, the age group coordinator will contact the scheduler and the change will be made to the schedule.
    4. The scheduler will notify referee coordinator to find available ref.
  3.  Once change is made, the scheduler will notify the coaches and age group coordinators of the change.
  4. Once the season schedule is posted, there will be a one week review period. (Initial rescheduling requests must be made in this review period). After the review period, there will be a $5.00 fine/game from the requesting coach.

6.2. Inclement Weather Procedure

Teams shall be at the field on time and ready to play for all scheduled games. If a game is suspended, the coaches shall notify the Scheduling Committee within 48 hours of the regularly scheduled game time. Coaches shall not reschedule a game without adherence to this procedure. The BYSA Executive Board has final authority.

Rain: Unless a field has been closed, only the referee can suspend a game because of foul weather, which could create dangerous playing conditions.

If a game is suspended prior to the mid‑point of the second half, the game must be rescheduled and played in its entirety. If the game has reached or gone beyond the mid‑point of the second half, the game will stand with the existing score at the time of termination.

Remember – the referee has final authority to suspend/terminate a game due to weather and/or playing field conditions.