As with any community group, the Lake Jackson Soccer Club (LJSC) is very dependent on its volunteers to survive. Maintaining a soccer club the size of the LJSC and providing the opportunity for the youth of Lake Jackson to enjoy the world’s most popular sport is a year round exercise. Almost 1000 children on 70 teams play soccer with the LJSC each Fall on 7 full size and 12 small fields. The installation of goalposts, measuring, and striping for each of these fields is done with the volunteer efforts of the LJSC members. Add to field maintenance the responsibility of team formation, scheduling, equipment & uniform supply and you can quickly see how formidable the task is. Without the hard work of LJSC volunteers it would simply not happen.

However, these volunteers could always use some help. The Club would like to ask every parent of a soccer player in Lake Jackson to consider volunteering in some capacity to help the club conduct its many activities. Listed on the registration form are a number of volunteer positions where the club desperately needs help. While each one of the roles is different, each is critical to the success of the club. Please review this list and consider volunteering in some role. In this way you can help the club and your child at the same time. Even a few hours of volunteer time can make a big difference in the success of a soccer season.To those who already volunteer with the club, we thank you. For those who have yet to do so, come out and help. We think you will have fun doing it. If you have any questions about any of the positions please send us an email (presidentljsc@gmail.com) and an executive member will contact you to answer your questions.