Lake Jackson Soccer Club


Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers

Thank you to all our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze level sponsors and other donor companies. The Lake Jackson Soccer Club would not be in such a great place as it is today without your help and support. It is very much appreciated.






Freeport LNG
Millenium Industrial Corporation


Lonestar Turf Services

Donors and Volunteers

The Lake Jackson Soccer Club asked for your help and you turned out in great numbers for the A2 soccer field renovation project at MacLean Park. There were generous donations of materials, equipment, and labor by local businesses. Over 200 volunteers showed up at our sod planting work days and about half of the volunteers were kids. We planted 252 pallets of sod in about 8 hours split between 2 week-ends. This project was an outstanding accomplishment and we just want to say THANK YOU!

Our community is truly blessed… not only because of the many generous donations for this project, but also because we have so many players, parents, and friends in our soccer community who are willing to step up.

Thank you for the important roles you all played in constructing and planting sod for this soccer field. Every time we walk onto the A2 field we will feel a sense of pride in how we built this soccer field together.